Necky ScarfNecky Scarf



“Did you hear about the hottest item this holiday season… they call it the Necky, why don’t they just call it a scarf?”
Late Night Talk Show Host Conan O'Brien

“Neat Attractive and Warm. Great holiday gift!”
Gloria, Mom – CT

“Perfect for skiing, snowboarding or any outdoor activity. I wish I had it last year.”
Bob, Snowmobiler VT

“My kids love it. It’s easy to put on and take off and it keeps them warm. I feel good knowing that when I am not around to help them get dressed for the cold, they will be able to do it themselves. No one likes being cold. Everyone should have one.”
Debbie, Mom – NY

“The Necky is perfect for those cool days when I jog or bike. The pocket is a great feature so I don’t have to hold my music player. Cool idea.”
Joe, Fitness Enthusiast – NJ

“Making sales calls in the cold is no fun. Dress coats always leave your chest wide open. As advertised the Necky covers you completely. Quality light-weight fleece folds into your pocket or briefcase.”
Paul, Salesman NYC